How Do You Select the Right KPIs for Your Project?

Selecting the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for a project is critical as you will need these KPIs to accurately gauge the project's success and performance over time. There is no universal remedy for choosing the correct KPIs, but there quite a few things that you will always need to consider. KPIs are essential to see if your project is meeting the set goals. Relate them directly to your business objectives What is the goal [...]

5 Questions Business Owner Should Ask About a Project Business Case

Project management is all about understanding what the client wants and delivering it as expected. To understand, a project business owner or manager must not hesitate to ask questions. Whether you are an IT business project management consultant or company catering to the needs to diverse clients from across industries, here are 5 questions that you must ask your client to achieve success. What does the business aim to achieve with the project? Before you [...]