Thinking Portfolio provided additional value to project management in the City of Turku

The administration of the City of Turku consists of the Central Administration, headed by the mayor, and five divisions. The Central Administration attends to the preparation and implementation of decision-making for the City Council, the City Board and its sections. In addition to the Mayors, also the Directors of Central Administration Groups and Divisional Directors belong to the Management Group. The Management Group is tasked with steering the city organization, delineate important matters and to [...]

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Thinking Portfolio making everyday project management easier in the Fennia Group

The Fennia Group is a leading expert of insurance and insurance-related services. Fennia offers companies, entrepreneurs and private clients risk management, insurance and asset management services. The Fennia Group comprises three companies: the casualty insurance company Fennia, Fennia Life, which offers voluntary life, pension and deposit insurance products and Fennia Asset Management Ltd., which provides asset management services. Thinking Portfolio's new features made the difference Fennia's portfolio of in-house development projects features currently around 50 [...]

Project portfolio prioritization as the foundation of growth

Finland is in desperate need of growth. The creation of new jobs appear to be focused on small and medium-sized, growing businesses. This does not, however, exempt established companies from the responsibility of striving for growth. Revitalizing development and investment projects provide a foundation for growth. A project portfolio is an efficient management tool for choosing and prioritizing such projects. Need for reformation Many of the problems of traditional companies stem from the inability to [...]

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