The life-cycle of a project became clearer at Trafi with Thinking Portfolio

Trafi develops the safety of the traffic system, promotes the environmental friendliness of traffic and is responsible for the official tasks relating to the traffic system. ( All projects are in the portfolio Since the beginning of 2016 Thinking Portfolio has been the tool for all project management at Trafi. The contents of Trafi's project include the development of customer services as well as the development of ICT and other independent initiative projects. After the [...]

Thinking Portfolio project portfolio makes environmental development projects easier in HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services)

  Helsinki Region Environmental Services, HSY, is a municipal federation which provides services in water supply and waste disposal as well as information on the metropolitan area and environment. HSY helps residents to act better on behalf of the environment. Small projects follow large projects HSY development projects are managed in the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio. The subjects and budgets of projects vary a lot and they are made in several lines of business and [...]

Thinking Portfolio gives aid together with Finnish Red Cross

The Finnish Red Cross is one of the largest civic organisations in Finland. The Red Cross is a humanitarian aid agency belonging to the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, which operates in 189 countries around the world. The task of the Red Cross is to help the people in weakest position during catastrophes and crisis in order to prevent and mitigate human suffering, as well as to support and help the country's authorities during [...]

Local Tapiola recommends wide-ranging capitalising on Thinking Portfolio

Local Tapiola is a Finnish group of companies owned by its customers, which offers life security for personal customers, companies and communities of all sizes, as well as for farms. Life security describes a method to serve customers through a lifetime and its changing scenarios. Local Tapiola invests in security, health and well-being of its customers. Local Tapiola uses Thinking Portfolio for managing the group's development portfolio and working time tracking of Local Tapiola Services [...]

Digitalization as a Part of Good Portfolio Management

Managing a large number of proposed and existing projects is no easy task, but it is certainly easier in the digital era. Effective project portfolio management can make all the difference between success and failure while it could also mean better ROI for your organization. Reports say that organizations that have an efficient portfolio management system had 62 percent of their products either meet or outdo the ROI expectations as of 2012. Digitalization can be [...]

We’re looking for Thinking Portfolio Business Partners for Switzerland

Thinking Portfolio Switzerland - Business Partners We´re looking for Thinking Portfolio Business Partners to be sales representatives for Switzerland. Tell us about you and your company interest in representing Thinking Portfolio in Switzerland. Intuitive and easy to use Thinking Portfolio Software as a Service includes portfolios such as Project, Idea, Application and Service Portfolio. Click here to to indicate your interest and tell a about your company and credentials. We’ll contact you.

Project portfolio prioritization as the foundation of growth

Finland is in desperate need of growth. The creation of new jobs appear to be focused on small and medium-sized, growing businesses. This does not, however, exempt established companies from the responsibility of striving for growth. Revitalizing development and investment projects provide a foundation for growth. A project portfolio is an efficient management tool for choosing and prioritizing such projects. Need for reformation Many of the problems of traditional companies stem from the inability to [...]

If appreciates Thinking Portfolio’s customer-orientedness and reliability

If is a leading casualty insurance company in the Nordic region with 3.6 million clients and 6,800 employees. If is part of the Sampo Group. If provides indemnity insurances in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic countries. If also provides services to globally operating companies based in the Nordic countries through branches and networks. The company has branches in, for example, Russia, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany. If operates with a [...]

Thinking Portfolio provided additional value to project management in the City of Turku

The administration of the City of Turku consists of the Central Administration, headed by the mayor, and five divisions. The Central Administration attends to the preparation and implementation of decision-making for the City Council, the City Board and its sections. In addition to the Mayors, also the Directors of Central Administration Groups and Divisional Directors belong to the Management Group. The Management Group is tasked with steering the city organization, delineate important matters and to [...]

Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company – PPM Producing Significant Benefits

The mutual pension insurance company Varma implemented Thinking Portfolio in 2014. So far, active projects as well as projects starting during the first quarter of 2014 have been added to the portfolio. The portfolio contains mostly IT projects, but there are some business development projects as well. Implementing Thinking Portfolio was easy Development Manager and Head of PMO, Katja Siekkeli, describes the implementation process of Thinking Portfolio as fairly uncomplicated. Varma had already utilised Excel [...]

Idea Screening for Project Portfolio Management

Ideation is an essential process to help your organization progress. Known as the act of developing new concepts and ideas, any employee in your organization can submit their products to the company. You can receive input from partners, customers, marketing executives, sales professionals, as well as IT experts and catalogue these ideas into a single database. What makes ideation a profitable step is the screening and approval process that can help your business perform more [...]

The Service Catalog for Project Management Office

Project Management Office (PMO) is intended to optimize the most valued and costly asset  to any enterprise, its people. PMOs are used for technology oriented projects conducted in a well-managed, consistent and disciplined approach that advocates top quality products completed within an assigned budget and in a timely fashion. Tasks appointed are accomplished with the assistance of certified project managers along with a team of trained staff who work with project management methodologies and make [...]

Six Ways to Re-engineer Your Project Management Office

The beginning of a project management office is driven by the desire to standardize as well as improve the success rate of IT projects and businesses, which continue to expand in size and complexity. Another project management office driver is the requirement to relieve the project managers of administrative duties that are associated with the successful management of projects. Functions of project office could either be staffed or virtual. A number of forward-thinking companies are [...]

Portfolio methods and their performance

Businesses use several portfolio models for project selection. The authors of Portfolio Management for New Products have made studies on the popularity and success of alternative models. The financial method that includes various profitability and return metrics has been the most popular. It does not, however, perform well when compered to other three leading methods. Cooper, Edgett, and Kleinschimdt who made the studies compared the popularity of the methods in top-performing companies (top 20%) and [...]