How to Make a Good Post Evaluation Report

A post evaluation report typically documents the failures and successes of a project providing a detailed record of the estimated and actual schedule and budget. The post evaluation report may also collect other important metrics besides offering recommendations and remedial actions for other similar projects. What is a post evaluation report?  A good post evaluation report is generally based on three important and distinctive measures. These are: Project completion in the estimated time Project completion [...]

The 6 Secrets of Good Project Post Evaluation

A comprehensive post evaluation report should ideally be based on three distinct measures: • The completion of the project in due time • The completion of the project within the estimated budget • The meeting of all requirements during project execution In short, these three measures are an indication of ‘time’, ‘cost’ and ‘product’, as distinct factors that together help in assessing project success. A post-evaluation analysis should also consider three other measures which are [...]