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7 Effective Success Bonus For Project Managers

The motivational requirements of those working in project set-up are usually different from those working as independent professionals in an organization. But both project managers and team members like to be offered incentives for their work throughout a project. Some of the key factors that help develop suitable bonuses for project managers include the following: 1. Output/Productivity Output or productivity based bonus schemes are primarily used in the manufacturing industry, e.g. production of cotton garments. [...]

Kemira visualises project and resource planning using the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio

With the establishing of the new project template, Kemira’s IT and Operational Excellence Department made the joint decision that it was time to commission a tool to manage the project portfolio that would replace the Excel files and separate resource management application previously used.

The 6 Secrets of Good Project Resource Management

An organization uses multiple resources for executing projects. These typically include people, equipment, information, materials, time, and money. Most organizations have a limited amount of resources, hence, resource allocation planning is necessary for the effective management and utilization of these scarce resources. Project resource management involves procuring and deploying internal as well as external resources which are needed for delivering a project, portfolio or program. It focuses on priority usage of resources, monitoring resource utilization [...]

5 Problems With Scrum You Need to Avoid

 Software projects that see rapid changes or have pressing requirements can do well to adopt a scrum model. In a typical scrum framework, you have a team meeting (a planning session) wherein the goals are discussed, and followed by a review. Multiple iterations occur, which can last anywhere between a week to a month. But the system is not free of problems. Now, let's take a look at some issues you might face when working [...]

Project Management Office Work Rotation

Project management deals with a wide range of activities. When looked at closely, these activities can be set down as: planning, organizing, directing, staffing, controlling, monitoring, innovating, and budgeting. When we talk about work rotation in project management, it comes under the activity of staffing; which refers to selecting the right people for the job. When a company signs an engagement and works on the project details, it might require the expertise of multiple employees [...]