7 Key Reasons Why Agile Projects Fails

Agile is considered to be a repetitive method for executing software delivery. In the Agile approach, the aim is to develop software in small increments by taking into consideration important feedback from the environment. It is different from the conventional approaches, such as the Waterfall methodology because the complete solution is not delivered at once.

The Deadly Sins of Project Management

The success of an organization depends upon the quality of project it is able to undertake and deliver successfully on schedule. Sometimes even with the best of efforts and intentions projects get delayed or do not work the way client wants them to resulting in disrepute to organization and team members. So what is the difference between success and failure and what measures should an organization take to complete every project successfully? Both professionally managed [...]

Top Mistakes in Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management is at the heart of the success of any organization. Any business that has its PPM in places and corresponding execution tasks to back it, has got the success recipe right for the most part. Then again, it isn't as easy as it sounds, as many businesses cant seem to quite master PPM. Here's a look at some PPM mistakes that businesses can avoid to get there. Emulating best PPM practices without [...]

Top-6 Critical Security Issues for a PMO

The project management office staff faces security theft issues from the time a project is accepted till the time it is delivered and as it passes through various stages of development. Projects in every industry be it software, manufacturing, research and even construction can suffer if security breaches are recognized and information is stolen by rivals. Depending upon the criticality of project, the team members have to be careful about varied security issues ranging from [...]

Manage your Business Environment Risks with Project Portfolio

A business is subject to multiple environmental risks including market, legal, operational and strategic risk as well as risk from factors like governance and hazards like terrorism, civil unrest and more. An effective Project Portfolio Management (PPM) strategy can help a business be prepared for multiple contingencies, allowing the management team to make more informed decisions. Project Portfolio Risk management can help identify some of these risks in advance to determine what the likely impediments [...]

Mastering Risks with PPM

Well-designed project portfolio management (PPM) tools and methodologies go a long way in helping an organization cope with multiple projects, deadlines and gauging of performance levels. Risk management is an invariable aspect of PPM, and without the former, PPM will fall flat. Varieties of risks To understand how to master risks, one must understand what constitutes a strategic risk. Simply put, it is a system of analyzing potential opportunities or problems which are crucial to [...]

Aligning IT Projects and Strategies through Project Portfolio Management

Project portfolio management or PPM is a business process that allows and prepares companies to align a number of components like IT projects, application development, resources, and initiatives. Transforming companies to operate as project-oriented groups, project portfolio management allows you to treat IT as a financial asset. With project portfolio management, you can seamlessly integrate scope, pipeline, time, skills, cost, procurement, reporting, forecasting, communication, as well as risk management. Similar to managing a portfolio of [...]

How to Turn Ideas into Viable Business Development Projects

If you are a business leader in your company, you may stumble across several ideas that you believe to have great potential, but only a small portion of these ideas turn into real projects. Many projects fail to materialize because ideas and their executions are not bridged in the right manner. Here is how you can maximize chances of your business idea succeeding. Visualize your goals clearly: Many business ideas are abandoned because their goals [...]

How to get comparable risk estimates

Professor Kalle Kähkönen Tampere University of Technology, Finland: My earlier discussion under the title “Riskiness as a viewpoint for categorizing projects” pointed out the significance of defining and understanding the overall risk level of project, and how this forms a starting point for categorizing projects, which is necessary when comparing and contrasting different project options.  Naturally, this is one of the key tasks of project portfolio management. Credibility of the overall risk estimates is essential, [...]

Riskiness as a viewpoint for categorizing projects

Professor Kalle Kähkönen Tampere University of Technology, Finland: Understanding of the overall risk level of a project is important from several aspects. It can provide background information of significance for different decision-making needs. For example, in the early stages of a bidding process, a company must make bid preparation decisions. This is often done by comparing and contrasting different options. Look at the following figure. It presents the estimates of overall risk levels of three [...]