Portfolio Management – Back to Basics Podcast

We've published the first episode of our new Podcast Series Portfolio Management – Back to basics. Give it a listen! Podcast Contents: 6 Characteristics of an Effective Project Management Officer Top 5 Skills of a Project Management Officer 7 Key KPIs for Effective Project Portfolio Management 6 Things a Project Sponsor Should Do for a Project Manager Product Life Cycle vs. Service Life Cycle Project Risks vs. Business Risks 7 Critical Steps to Project [...]

How to Successfully Set Up a PMO in 2015

Businesses can benefit significantly by setting a project management office within their organization. While it has been proven again and again that a PMO can add value to the project manager as well as the overall productivity of the organization, a lot of businesses are yet to set up a PMO. The year 2015 will see more and more PMOs being set up by organizations. If you have decided to set up a PMO for [...]

80% of good strategic portfolio management means looking forward

At its best, portfolio management is committed to achieving the strategic goals of the organization, analyzing future events and coordinating proper timing for developing the right programs and projects. As said before, nothing can save a project if the goals and timing are wrong considering the full picture of the situation. If the timing is wrong or the goals are unrealistic, no one is able to save a project, not even the best project manager [...]

Strategiatoimiston TOP-8 avaintehtävät

Strategiatoimistot käsitetasolla yleistyvät yrityksissä jotka uskovat yrityksen menestyksen takana olevan organisaation strateginen suunnittelu ja strategian toimeenpano. Strategiatyö on organisaation tavoitteista, toimialasta ja johtamiskulttuurista riippuen kovin erilaista. Strategiaa tulkitaan monin tavoin ja strategian merkitys organisaatio sidosryhmille löytyy eri tulokulmista. Keskeistä on oikeiden asioiden tekeminen juuri oikealla ajoituksella. Se kuinka päätöksenteossa onnistutaan ja kuinka henkilöstö saadaan matkaan mukaan - on asia johon etsitään aina vastuksia. Strategiatoimiston on näköalapaikka Keskeistä strategiatyössä on se kuinka liiketoimintaympäristö otetaan strategiassa huomioon. [...]

Additional Factors That Lead to Success with PPM

Management of projects and portfolios is something that happens in every organization. Whether or not you take additional measures, new initiatives will continue to roll out and new software will be built. However, you should also know that more than 50 percent of all projects fail to a certain degree. This happens mainly because companies do not pay attention to tools, processes, policies and structures applied on the portfolio. It has been found that organizations [...]

6 Project Portfolio Management Tips for Beginners

Project portfolio management or PPM can be a tricky proposition for beginners. While there are several set methods to go about setting it up, you should follow a few tips and tricks that can bring you better results. The following six tips can help you make the best of your company’s PPM and provide quick, profitable and tangible results. 1 Methodologies in project portfolio management can easily get outdated as they are static in nature. Instead [...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Project Portfolio Management

Effective portfolio management is an important element in the success and growth of business across all industries. In fact, the 2012 Pulse of the Profession study conducted by the Project Management Institute proves just that. The report showed that out of all the projects undertaken by organizations considering themselves as highly effective in managing portfolios, 62% met or exceeded the expected return on investment (ROI). Whether it's for increased customer satisfaction, effective cost reduction, or [...]