Service portfolio provides transparency in services and their improvement

Companies and organizations are currently trying to map the overall status of their services. At the same time, the objective is to increase understanding and communication on which services are part of the core business practices and which ones are not. What levels of investments do services with varying investment-yield ratios require? One of the objectives of a service portfolio is simply to communicate the investment-yield ratio of services in order to lay a foundation [...]

How PMO Is Adding Value to a Public Sector Organization

Project management offices are finding their way into government organizations too, mainly due to the benefits that businesses and organizations are reaping because of them. Integrating PMOs into government offices could have been a much difficult task, if not for the increasingly skeptical customers and austerity measures that have made completion of projects under the budget a rule, rather than the exception.The sad part is that PMOs are underutilized in these sectors, which is also [...]