How to Make a Good Application Testing Plan for Your Project?

Application testing is a set of activities that every software developer undertakes through the use of scripts for finding errors and loopholes in the software. It is a detailed account outlining the test strategy, objectives, schedule, resources, estimation, and deliverables required for developing applications. An application testing plan is a blueprint of controlled and monitored activities conducted during software testing that helps in determining the effort required to establish the quality of applications.  Making an [...]

Kemira visualises project and resource planning using the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio

With the establishing of the new project template, Kemira’s IT and Operational Excellence Department made the joint decision that it was time to commission a tool to manage the project portfolio that would replace the Excel files and separate resource management application previously used.

How to Create a Realistic Project Schedule

Did you know that approximately 78 percent projects run behind schedule, deliver reduced functionality and surpass the budget which was agreed upon in the beginning? The reason behind this could be that the schedule for the project was created much earlier and did not have a lot of inputs. Hence it lacked direction. There is often some confusion between project management plan and project schedule. Here is some clarity: the project schedule is a part [...]