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What Scrum Master Could Learn from Jazz Artists

The Scrum Master is typically seen as a team coach and a kind of process owner in a project. Scrum masters work to create a balance between the key stakeholder demands in a project and guide the team to deliver the best performance possible. A scrum master’s responsibilities generally involve removal of barriers to progress, scheduling, facilitating meetings and handling product backlog among others. Though scrum masters are pretty adept at what they do, there [...]

5 Problems with Scrum You Need to Avoid

We’ve often heard that adopting a scrum model can be beneficial for software projects which have pressing demands or see quick changes. Here is how a scrum method typically works: A team sits down for a short planning session to decide what needs to be worked on in the forthcoming iteration. The team members then work for several weeks and develop a “potential shippable release”. Now here are 5 key problems with Scrum which you [...]

What Makes Scrum Projects Fail?

Scrum is popular mainly due to some of its specific key advantages. It promotes quick product delivery, transparency and improved workforce management among other things. Of course, the advantages depend on how successfully a Scrum project has been implemented and also on the commitment levels of the team during the entire process. Even though Scrum has its set of advantages for businesses, it can also fail miserably in numerous cases. Here are some of the [...]