Service portfolio provides transparency in services and their improvement

Companies and organizations are currently trying to map the overall status of their services. At the same time, the objective is to increase understanding and communication on which services are part of the core business practices and which ones are not. What levels of investments do services with varying investment-yield ratios require? One of the objectives of a service portfolio is simply to communicate the investment-yield ratio of services in order to lay a foundation [...]

Service Portfolio Vs Service Catalog

A service portfolio and a service catalog are often mistaken to be the same thing, but they are not so. However, what they do have in common is that they are important with regards to the growth and transformation of a company. Let's take a look at how a service portfolio and a service catalog are different from each other. Service portfolio A service portfolio sketches out all the services that have been a part [...]

Specific Roles, Functions and Objectives of Service Portfolio Management

Service portfolio management is essentially the process responsible for the establishment and putting together of the basic service design package also known as the SDP. Service portfolio management is fast becoming a critical objective for most IT companies seeking to achieve greater success in providing advanced IT services as well as superior support to customers or users. The main idea behind service portfolio management is to bring down the complications in the IT processes and [...]