Is your application portfolio ready? – Introducing Bring Your Own Application (BYOA)

In the recent years, there has been a talk of a trend within organizations, where employees are allowed to use their own devices in work. This phenomenon has been coined BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. The phenomenon has been a divisive one One of the positive factors related to it is user satisfaction, which in turn results in increased productivity at work. However, BYOD has also presented challenges. Data administration has found it difficult [...]

PMO Institute is Now Thinking Portfolio Benelux Partner

Thinking Business Group has signed an agreement with PMO Institute to provide Thinking Portfolio® in the Netherlands and Belgium. PMO Institute will offer Thinking Portfolio® as an intuitive and quick to implement tool for project portfolio management (PPM). Companies and public organizations use Thinking Portfolio® for managing portfolios of their development projects and programs. The tool is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). Clients include well known Finnish companies & organizations such as Cargotec, [...]

How to get comparable risk estimates

Professor Kalle Kähkönen Tampere University of Technology, Finland: My earlier discussion under the title “Riskiness as a viewpoint for categorizing projects” pointed out the significance of defining and understanding the overall risk level of project, and how this forms a starting point for categorizing projects, which is necessary when comparing and contrasting different project options.  Naturally, this is one of the key tasks of project portfolio management. Credibility of the overall risk estimates is essential, [...]