What Makes Women the Best Project Managers

Project Management - a largely male dominated domain until recently, is now seeing more and more well qualified women taking the helm. Being great communicators Women can use their communication skills to get an edge over men in project management. Being assertive without coming off as abrasive, and using gentle persuasion to get buy-in from senior management helps the team and PMO. Regular conversations with stakeholders help the PMO align to business goals and get [...]

Skills vs. Personality in Project Management

In most industries, especially IT, technical skills are often considered to be the most important criteria for hiring. When recruiting managers, a lot of companies think that the candidate must meet a long list of important skills in order to be able to perform the job efficiently. In reality, this may not be the best approach to hiring project managers. Project management isn’t just about having a set of programmed skills; it also requires certain [...]

7 Criteria to Choose Project of the Year

Effective project management needs finding a project which is a perfect match for the combined skillset of your team. The project must also match the team's competence level. If all these are done, then chances of success are much more increased. The project selection techniques provide seven time-tested techniques. All seven methods are based on logical reasoning. It helps to select the best project. Undesirable projects, those that have near zero chances of success, are [...]

The 6 Secrets of Great Project Communication

Good project communication leads to excellent decisions and wonderful ideas. It is easy to communicate effectively if you know how. It is to be remembered that an honest communication of project ideas conveys higher integrity. Honesty and integrity are major components of any great project communication. 1. Be consistent Better project management officers consistently and repeatedly use the same practices all through the organization. Making every project a success involves all projects to be regarded [...]

The 6 Secrets of Good Project Resource Management

An organization uses multiple resources for executing projects. These typically include people, equipment, information, materials, time, and money. Most organizations have a limited amount of resources, hence, resource allocation planning is necessary for the effective management and utilization of these scarce resources. Project resource management involves procuring and deploying internal as well as external resources which are needed for delivering a project, portfolio or program. It focuses on priority usage of resources, monitoring resource utilization [...]

The Deadly Sins of Project Management

The success of an organization depends upon the quality of project it is able to undertake and deliver successfully on schedule. Sometimes even with the best of efforts and intentions projects get delayed or do not work the way client wants them to resulting in disrepute to organization and team members. So what is the difference between success and failure and what measures should an organization take to complete every project successfully? Both professionally managed [...]

Passionate Project Managers Are More Successful

Passion plays a key role in determining whether or not we succeed in our endeavors. If you are passionate about something, go ahead and do it. And if you are not, don’t waste your time on it. That same applies to project managers handling different types of projects across industries. Managing multiple IT projects, one after the there can become monotonous. When nothing else seems encouraging or inspiring, it is passion about the worked we [...]

How to change the Project Model during a Project

Before discussing how to change the project model during a project, let’s try and first understand why such a need arises. Why a traditional approach might fail to generate results Project managers can definitely change their mind with regards to following the traditional project management approach for a number of reasons. Some of them could include the following: Identification of a defect-there might be a bug which needs to be addressed immediately. The client realizes [...]

Six Blind Men and the Project Management

Today, we will see what we can learn from the fable The Blind men and the Elephant by John Godfrey to see how it can be applied in the context of project management. If you do not know the story here's how it goes. Six blind men  up to an elephant to “see” it and describe how it looks. Each of the six men perceive the elephant differently, as a snake, wall, spear, tree, fan [...]

Weak Signals Before a Project Fails

Every project has an equal chance of failure or success. Which way it goes depends on a variety of factors and aspects. Employees, processes and leadership can all have a very big influence on how a project shapes up. When a project succeeds, it is important to evaluate why it worked, so you can replicate the success for later projects. In the same way, it is important to evaluate failed projects to understand what went [...]

Five Things Related to a Successful Project

Today, we'll be taking a look at traits and elements of successful projects. This should help project managers see if their projects are on the right track. Project team: Having the right resources working on a project will push the chances of it being successful and meeting the desired results. This is where it is crucial that the project manger chooses the right people for the team whether they are subject-matter experts, contract employees, or [...]

Six Ways to Re-engineer Your Project Management Office

The beginning of a project management office is driven by the desire to standardize as well as improve the success rate of IT projects and businesses, which continue to expand in size and complexity. Another project management office driver is the requirement to relieve the project managers of administrative duties that are associated with the successful management of projects. Functions of project office could either be staffed or virtual. A number of forward-thinking companies are [...]

How to Make an Ordinary Project Manager Great

Did you know that only two percent of project managers in any workforce are rated as excellent by both their co-workers and clients? It does not come as a surprise that project management requires much more than just managerial skills to give the desired results. So, what makes a project manager a great one? Here are some traits that ordinary project managers need to develop to become better at their job: An ordinary project manager [...]

Motivating portfolio management and Open Book Management (OBM)

Open Book Management (OBM) came up when John Case (Inc. Magazine) invented and determined the concept and started using it in 1993. Later on Jack Stack (SRC Holding) completed the OBM management model, after which it was applied and taken into use more generally. The basic idea of Open Book Management is to share information in the organisation more widely than just in relation to one's own specific job. The aim is to commit the [...]