How to Manage a Hybrid Agile and Waterfall Project

Studies suggest that traditional methodologies for project management are often responsible for the inability to adapt to changes. This makes the testing of products or making modifications nearly impossible. The solution to this problem is believed to be in the adoption of an ‘agile’ approach to project management. This is essentially an incremental, iterative development approach that allows adjustments to be made to products. Hence it reacts better to changing needs of a project. The [...]

When to Choose Agile or Waterfall Project Mode

When it comes to project implementation, one of the most critical decisions to take is regarding the methodology to be used. There are basically two types of methodologies most commonly employed by businesses. These are: Waterfall or the so called “traditional” approach Agile approach, which is a relatively newer method of project implementation and uses Scrum Let’s try and understand when to use the two methodologies. The Waterfall Model Similar to manufacturing and construction work-flows, [...]

Waterfall Project Methods and Its Five weaknesses

In a waterfall project model, every phase requires completion before a new phase can start. Such a model type is essentially utilized for projects which are smaller and do not entail any uncertain requirements. As each phase ends, a review is undertaken to understand whether the project is moving on track or whether it needs to be continued or discarded. Waterfall project methods basically focus on quality. While the waterfall project method has its set [...]