The Best 6 Project Management Secrets You Need to Know

While there have been many and many books written on the subject of project management, there is no sure-fire procedure or equation to get it right. Of course, that also explains why there are so many books on it. Well, we’ll cut to the chase and lay out six project management principles that you can use.


A project manager should have a fair understanding of the industry or niche of the project, so they can lead the team effectively. Now, we’re not saying that you need to know it through and through, but a little bit of research can help you understand the nuances and practices associated with the industry, leaving you better-equipped to handle the job.


Resource allocation is going to pay a huge role in determining how fast or how far your project goes. While putting the team together, the project manager should make sure that the responsibilities and roles are divided such that it utilizes the strengths of the members. Keeping the total number of team members no greater than 6-10 people is crucial for the project manager to have a clear overview of the entire project.


While it is the project manager’s role to inform the team members about their responsibilities, it is important that he/she does not micromanage them. A project manager has an instinctive sense of when he/she is required to step in, and when he should trust the other party. Of course, this comes with experience.


Developing a good rapport with team members and stakeholders, makes project execution simpler due to open lines of communication between the different parties. An experienced project manager will make sure that the project environment is conducive for progress by fostering a supportive and positive environment. 


Communication is key while working on a project, and it is the project manager’s job to ensure that there is a smooth flow of communication between the departments. Make sure that team members ave the required information regarding the project, so things go as planned and there are no setbacks from miscommunication. The project manager should also have the knack to get information from team members, which can only be achieved when they know that you are approachable. 


As a project manager, you will be expected to juggle between multiple tasks and multiple roles, so it’s important that you delegate tasks that can be done by others. While we are on the subject of delegation, you can also delegate tasks if you feel someone else will do a better job at it. At the end of the day, it is the results that count.

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