The City of Jyväskylä’s project portfolio working group has three months of effort in Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio definition and suitability testing. During the testing phase, a few IT projects were added to the portfolio by pilot users, and we are now ready for production.

The launch of the Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio has already been announced internally. In the next step, more portfolio users will be trained and introduced to the various features through their project activities. The number of projects in the portfolio will increase as more users are added, as the training is efficient, project managers enter their projects in the portfolio, and user guidance is provided through them.

– Information about the upcoming has been received positively, and future users expect to see in practice what the new tool will look like and how it will make their work easier.

The new project portfolio is also expected to help clarify project processes and development practices. The work group believes that Thinking Portfolio will provide a way to manage and report on the project portfolio for both management and project staff.

The Jyväskylä work group gives an excellent rating to Thinking Portfolio for the three-month agile project, during which the project portfolio was defined and parameterized to suit the project environment in the City of Jyväskylä.

– Although, at times, we felt that it might have been good to have more time to deal with internal issues between the workshops. However, the project was completed on schedule. Also, some of the needs of the next phase were already implemented.

In the future, the Jyväskylä team hopes to hear more experiences and examples from other cities and public organizations about how the product has been used by customers of different sizes and what opportunities they might have to expand the use of their portfolio in the future.