Trafi develops the safety of the traffic system, promotes the environmental friendliness of traffic and is responsible for the official tasks relating to the traffic system.


All projects are in the portfolio

Since the beginning of 2016 Thinking Portfolio has been the tool for all project management at Trafi. The contents of Trafi’s project include the development of customer services as well as the development of ICT and other independent initiative projects.

After the implementation of Thinking Portfolio, Trafi projects have become more transparent, their Thinking Portfolio administrators tell us.

Previously the pre-specification information was documented in according to different practices, but now that we have an application which gathers this information, the projects take shape at an earlier stage. This is a welcome change when monitoring a project’s life-cycle.

Before the implementation of Thinking Portfolio, Trafi was using their own developmental operations model and the application did not require any changes to it, but the confidence in project monitoring and completion brought by Thinking Portfolio is significant. Reports have become standardised and reporting practices have become clearer, which we have welcomed.

Seeing the projects in the application adds ability to inform

At Trafi Thinking Portfolio is used by the most active project and development managers, in addition to which the portfolio is used for reporting to several different groups and everyone at Trafi have viewing rights to the portfolio. Everyone can benefit from seeing what projects others are doing and how they have realised or are about to realise them. Currently there are 167 development tasks in the portfolio in different stages, including 55 active initiatives or projects.

Management groups will make project decisions using reports and analysis from Thinking Portfolio. There are also memo lists for decision making to help with the projects and they can also be found in the application.

Trafi projektisalkkutiimi

In the photo from the left: Pipsa Eklund, Päivi Nissi, Virpi Kotala ja Ilkka Toivanen. Missing: Taru Lahti.

People at Trafi experience the use of Thinking Portfolio pleasant and they give plenty of positive feedback.

– Thinking Portfolio shows the know-how of the people realising the projects and it is professionally designed

– The application is clear; it guides the user and does not require any separate instructions

– As a tool Thinking Portfolio enables many realisation models, so it is important that you map the requirements of your own activity. After this it is easy to edit the application to suit your requirements.

Reaction speed is the tops with Thinking Portfolio

As a supplier Thinking Portfolio also gets a commendable grade from those at Trafi. Co-operation has worked smoothly and they feel that they have received help whenever needed. Special thanks are given to Thinking Portfolio’s top-speed reaction in contacting customers.

We interviewed the following people at Trafi:

Ilkka Toivanen, Pipsa Eklund, Taru Lahti, Virpi Kotala and Päivi Nissi