The Service Catalog for Project Management Office

Project Management Office (PMO) is intended to optimize the most valued and costly asset  to any enterprise, its people.

PMOs are used for technology oriented projects conducted in a well-managed, consistent and disciplined approach that advocates top quality products completed within an assigned budget and in a timely fashion. Tasks appointed are accomplished with the assistance of certified project managers along with a team of trained staff who work with project management methodologies and make use of regularized project management tools.

Services offered

Advanced PMOs enable managers to leverage wider resource pools to their advantage. Through a single recorded system, leaders can now keep  track of all interactions and consultations conducted by and reported on by IT professionals. This in turn facilitates PMO heads to gain better access to more comprehensive resources while managing absolute project lifecycle in addition to gaining optimum visibility over current project portfolio.

Augmented benefits

  • PMO allows complete visibility into an ongoing project portfolio, which includes processes in demand, through the pipeline, along with current statuses and projected outcomes.
  • Coordinate enterprise projects and goals by balancing and organizing them into those that help run the businesses from those that enable growth.
  • Optimize profitable resources with total visibility into available resources and utility derived from a sole functioning system of record.
  • Influence an improved resource pool through delegation of project assignments to assets outside of regulated and defined project framework.
  • Viable singular system of record.

Related solutions

Gain an integrated plan of automated work-flow through project portfolio management. Apply a system that delivers scalable and versatile approach to better project management. Manage costs, meet and work toward exceeding client quality standards, aptly delegate resources, visualize time-lines, and create gauges, dashboards, forms and Gantt charts.

Enterprise built IT cloud systems with a formidable design approach toward managing large enterprises. Enhance business resilience in terms of scale, enabled with specifically tailored customer and industry requirements. Isolate specific client data with dedicated database and application sets administered through premium grade cloud architecture.

Guarantee reliable and secure enterprise cloud services and solutions for every individual customer. Equipped with an acute understanding of the need for confidentiality, availability and integrity involved with client assets and sensitive data crucial to ethical functioning of all organizations. Arm systems with in depth defense multi-instance architecture framework riddled with firewalls, intrusion detectors, and load balancers. Absolute security operations constantly monitor systems to ensure client data is operational as intended and protected at all time.

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