Thinking Portfolio and Apple iPad – Experience the visually superior portfolio management method

Apple iPad has been described as by far the best way of experiencing the internet, e-mail, images and other data management. We definitely agree with this notion, which is why we have decided to enable this experience through project portfolio management as well.

Thinking Portfolio has been specifically modified to support the Apple iPad. Users can learn to use the Thinking Portfolio within a matter of minutes, and it is available as a cloud service, unrestricted by time and space.

Implementation of portfolio management is fast and the organization is immediately able to utilize the advantages of portfolio management. The user is able to view and understand the organization’s strategic projects, cash flow forecasts, project connections with core business processes, concepts and clearly defined portfolio reports in order to support management.

Experience the visually superior portfolio management method – choose Thinking Portfolio and Apple iPad

Thinking Portfolio supports iPad’s Safari browser, making portfolio management a refreshingly creative and innovative experience. The high-definition, quality Multi-Touch screen of iPad allows you to see your entire project portfolio and browse any portfolio reports you want.

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