Image: Peikko Group’s DELTABEAM facility, the largest of the investment projects in the portfolio, construction of which was completed in 2017. 

Peikko manufactures concrete joints and beams for pre-cast and cast-in-situ solutions. Peikko’s innovative solutions make construction easier, faster and safer.   

Peikko Group has expanded quickly in recent years. The speed of growth has brought its own share of challenges from controlling project operations to steering operations in the right direction. According to Project Controller Satu Kannelvirta, the Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio is an invaluable tool in managing growth, providing a general overview of project operations. 

“We have been extremely pleased with this supportive partnership, which dates back to 2012,” confirms Managing Director Topi Paananen. 

Thinking Portfolio shows how strategy is implemented 

Thinking Portfolio is used on a daily basis for managing all in-house programmes and development projects. 

The project portfolio is the definitive tool for product development, investments and other development work. The tool is also used for regularly revising cost-benefit calculations. 

Management reviews involve looking at portfolio data from several perspectives. The reviews also includes the assessment of a company’s current status and any future focus areas, as well as whether operations are in line with a company’s long-term strategy. 

“I regularly report on the overall status of the portfolio to the steering group. I utilise Thinking Portfolio reports and we also analyse projects directly in the tool. This tool allows us to review and compare projects from various angles. 

The project portfolio contains all the necessary data  

Thinking Portfolio is the driving force, whilst also providing access to all data, including detailed project planning, progress reports and results. This is possible through links and connections. Project personnel do not need to waste time thinking about how to answer project-related questions, as all the data is available in one place. 

The faster the pace, the more vital Thinking Portfolio is 

Peikko Group’s turnover has increased by 10-13% per annum with operations currently spanning 32 countries. It is essential to support fast growth with the right tools. The portfolio has gained in size and user numbers during this period of growth. This in turn further increases the value of the tool and it has been extremely gratifying to see that Thinking Portfolio has effortlessly kept pace with our growth,” Kannelvirta says of the benefits of Thinking Portfolio. 

Expansion brings about a need for added portfolio functionalities and Thinking Portfolio’s employees are praised for always finding and implementing solutions quickly. 

“I find having the portfolio management tool a must, especially at this rate of growth. 

Among the key benefits for us are the ability to measure and determine the correct allocation of resources in various areas and having an overview of current development projects throughout our organisation. Furthermore, it is important that the portfolio provides us with data on future development needs.” 

Thinking Portfolio receives a thumbs up for multiple reasons 

In its work with Peikko Group, Thinking Portfolio has to be a multi-faceted tool. The portfolio provides up-to-date information with the same vision for development and strategy implementation for every user. The portfolio is also an important in-house communication channel. 

“Thinking Portfolio is useful and functional on various levels. Our employees also appreciate the tool’s user-friendliness; no one is burdened by unnecessary bureaucracy. 


Thinking Portfolio’s role in Peikko Group was described by Project Controller Satu Kannelvirta and Managing Director Topi Paananen.