Thinking Portfolio Insights Cookbook Released

We’ve published the second edition of our hugely popular Project Portfolio Management Playbook. The new edition is titled Thinking Portfolio Insights Cookbook – an e-book with over ninety how-to articles on how to succeed in managing your project portfolio.

The book has three sections:

  1. Project Portfolio Management
  2. Project Management
  3. Risk Management

Here are examples of the topics

  • How to Make an Ordinary Project Business Owner Great?
  • Five Ways to Communicate your Project Portfolio Inside your Organization
  • Optimizing the Use of Key Resources in a Project Portfolio
  • 6 Things that Successful Project Managers do
  • How to Create a Realistic Project Schedule
  • The 6 Secrets of Good Project Post Evaluation
  • How to Manage a Hybrid Agile and Waterfall Project
  • Manage your Business Environment Risks with Project Portfolio
  • Top Mistakes in Project Portfolio Management


Download the book:

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