Thinking Portfolio is an excellent tool for managing Lassila & Tikanoja’s development projects

Thinking Portfolio is an important tool in facilitating decision-making within Lassila & Tikanoja’s project operations. The application has also received praise for its flexibility with regards changes in procedures.

For the fourth consecutive year, Lassila & Tikanoja is using Thinking Portfolio to help manage the company’s project portfolio. When we started using Thinking Portfolio in a particular situation, we created a uniform internal project model containing the procedures necessary for both management and decision-making. We needed a tool, which was more efficient than Excel at supporting new practices. The decision to select this application centred on the fact that implementing and learning how to use the tool would be easy and relatively effortless. Ultimately Thinking Portfolio was a suitable solution for our requirements and implementing it into our working methods was a speedy process.

In the beginning the portfolio model was applied solely to IT projects, but now all our development projects are included in the project portfolio and each of them adhere to the same reporting and decision-making processes within the company as a whole. As such, we receive uniform and comparable information from Thinking Portfolio, which assists our decision-making and our ability to manage the project portfolio.

Thinking Portfolio responds well to a need for change

A year and a half ago, Lassila & Tikanoja’s project operation procedures were developed by incorporating a programme management model. The programme concept was also well suited to the project portfolio application currently in use. As a result, very little extra work was required to include programme management in the reporting procedure utilised to help decision-making.

The development manager within Lassila & Tikanoja Markku Niinivaara has been happy with how easy Thinking Portfolio is to use and how the application has adapted to their changing business needs.

– Thinking Portfolio has been a good choice as a tool for managing our project portfolio and it is a suitable tool for us. The application is not too complex, but it still features all the functions we need and it was easy to find the necessary solutions to support our procedural changes.

– Over the autumn, we developed the resource planning for our project operations and we chose Thinking Portfolio to assist us with this. These operations follow the simple and easy-to-use guidelines synonymous with Thinking Portfolio, for which we have received solely positive feedback from project managers and programme managers.

Solutions are usually easy to find

Markku Niinivaara

Markku Niinivaara

As the different developmental needs of an organisation change, the requirements for applications are also continually changing. When it is time to look for an application, we compare current and potentially new software. So far, we have always found a suitable option for the project operation requirements within the many solution options offered by Thinking Portfolio.

– The challenges involved in the management of projects and portfolios are quite similar to those of other organisations using Thinking Portfolio, so when a new need arises we always check to see if it has already been resolved in some way in the application. If ready-made solution has not been workable for us as it is, we have always managed to resolve the matter just by tweaking it a little bit.

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