Thinking Portfolio PPM Whitepaper Q2/2014

Thinking Portfolio PPM Whitepaper Q22014

Download PDF version of Thinking Portfolio Whitepaper – Project Portfolio Q2/2014.

Thinking Portfolio PPM is a strategic management tool. It allows the management of the whole project portfolio from project inception to follow-up. Thinking Portfolio PPM offers a simple interface to view, manage and report the entirety of an organization’s projects. It allows different units and departments use the same database. In this way, everyone gets their own portfolio but, at the same time, the information is reportable at the enterprise level. Individuals can even have a portfolio of the projects that they are personally involved in.

What´s new?

Project and Line work Resource Management and Planning – Efficient Thinking Portfolio Resource Management and Planning. Helps the organization to anticipate significant bottlenecks in terms of key personnel and necessary expertise. Also Project Task Management is now included!

Daily and Weekly Timesheet and Working Hour Reporting – Reporting project working hours (Thinking Portfolio Timesheet), approval, monitoring, analysis and reporting.With Thinking Portfolio, you can easily and efficiently determine the allocation resources for projects and other types of work.

Project Portfolio Smart Snapshot – A new function that allows creating Baseline reports on a regular basis, as well as reports on portfolio trends and development on a sliding timescale. Trends enable you to monitor how the progress of development programs and projects take up resources of the project portfolio. This makes your project portfolio a superior tool for development trend monitoring and reporting.

New project portfolio report templates (incl. Investment and Trend reports, Renewed resource reports, Visual Project Mapping for identifying and visualizing dependencies between projects, Project One Page report, new report templates for finances and cash flow). These features further enhance the extensive selection of around 200 reports in Thinking Portfolio.

Smart Attachment – Quick and user-friendly handling of attachment files. The new functionality enables you to attach files to the easy-to-use and intuitive Thinking Portfolio Smart Forms (see project description, progress reports, final reports).

Program and Project Milestones functionality enables you to handle tasks related to various stages of projects, as well as scheduling and prioritizing. Project task management on a portfolio level has never been this easy.

E-mail reminders – allows you to send reminders to designated personnel in case a previously agreed progress report has not been delivered and saved in the project portfolio by the deadline.

Inter-project dependencies (incl. Programs) – The new Visual Project Mapping functionality enables improved visualization of inter-project dependencies. Inter-project dependencies can also refer to connections to services, applications or other resources outside the project portfolio.

Download PDF version of Thinking Portfolio Whitepaper – Project Portfolio Q2/2014.

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