The University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht is a leading international university medical centre. The UMC Utrecht is all about people; patients, students and staff. More than 11,000 employees provide the highest quality of care, day and night. Due to the ever-increasing digitisation of processes, developments in the field of e-health, big data and also patient safety and data security, the UMC Utrecht is investing heavily in ICT.

Why project portfolio management?

Every year the central IT organisation of the UMC Utrecht carries out many projects that help improve care and business operations. The ‘Thinking Portfolio’ project portfolio management software provides the UMC Utrecht with a complete overview of these projects. Manual reports have been replaced by standardised reports. These provide a concise and unambiguous insight into the status and progress of all projects, allowing the organisation to work more efficiently and achieve more in less time. Information managers record ideas for new projects in a separate module and assess these ideas for risk, value and impact on the organisation at an early stage. This helps the organisation to make the right choices for projects, better planning and control.

Why PMO Institute?

Prior to the implementation of the tooling, PMO Institute carried out a brief investigation into the current project management process, its support and the available Project Management information. Based on the outcome of this investigation , the UMC Utrecht set up a PMO and implemented the tooling almost simultaneously. The UMC Utrecht started with a basic design of the tooling to make the projects transparent and manageable. Through a few workshops and in close collaboration the configuration was set up and by training the project leaders it was implemented after 3 ,5 months. The UMC Utrecht subsequently expanded the basic configuration of Thinking Portfolio with new functions in small steps.

PMO Institute Contact Details

Erik de Kooter

Tel. 06 371 73 813

Tjalling Klaucke

Tel. 06 200 88 255