The Municipality of Westland, also known as the ’glass city’, has over 107,000 inhabitants. Westland is an attractive municipality comprising eleven village centres, each with its own character, horticulture and, of course, the Westland coast with its beautiful beaches.

Why a portfolio management tool?

To help residents and entrepreneurs as efficiently and quickly as possible and in the most customer-friendly way, the service processes of the municipality of Westland are being digitised to the extent possible. Complexity of the ICT infrastructure and interdependency of systems require a coherent, well-prioritised, project-based approach. The ’Thinking Portfolio’ project portfolio software has given the Municipality of Westland a means of keeping an overview of all changes, allowing it to work in a more structured and project-based manner. Clusters and teams have an overview of all wishes, current programmes and projects and the resulting obligations and resource load.

What is the result for the Municipality of Westland?

The software provides management and employees with insight into who is working on what. This allows for better and more consistent planning. Standard reports simplify communication. The ultimate goal of using Thinking Portfolio is better support in the decision-making process regarding the composition of the project portfolios and more grip on and insight into the change processes that offer added value to residents and entrepreneurs.

Why PMO Institute?

PMO Institute supplies and implements the Thinking Portfolio software application. Using its knowledge and experience gained through previous implementations at other municipalities, a design of the application was developed in a short time. The software was then configured and prepared for operation within a few weeks.

”We started on a small scale with a change portfolio for projects that contribute to digital services and operate digitally. PMO Institute turned out to be the ideal partner for us because they have design examples of major extensive implementations and through their knowledge and experience they are able to translate this ”best practice” proportionally into a suitable solution for our specific needs and situation. This made acceptance and use so much easier”. (Portfolio Manager Municipality of Westland)

PMO Institute Contact Details

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