The municipality of Vlaardingen is a city with a population of more than 72,000. Vlaardingen is mainly known as the herring town of the Netherlands. Fishing is a thing of the past. However, the fishing past is still clearly visible, especially near the Oude Haven and the Koningin Wilhelminahaven.

These days Vlaardingen is a modern municipality that values the opinion of its citizens. For instance, everyone can make their voice heard through the Vlaardingen Internet Panel. With as much input as possible from the city and from various partner organisations, the municipality is working on The Future Vision of Vlaardingen 2020-2040. A future scenario that can help the city council and the mayor and aldermen to build Vlaardingen of the future. How can the city develop in the coming years? How do we deal with changes in climate and energy? How do we ensure that we enjoy living together? How do we handle living and working in the city or traffic and transport?

Why portfolio management?

Vlaardingen is rapidly digitising its services to citizens and entrepreneurs and wants to set priorities and make targeted choices in line with its strategic objectives. To compare the ideas and projects, to make the interdependencies transparent and to plan the deployment of people, all data is stored in a central system. In combination with the set-up of a governance model and the organisation of processes, Vlaardingen will get a better grip on the costs and scheduled implementation of the digitisation projects.

Why PMO Institute

Using a reference model, produced by PMO Institute in collaboration with several municipalities, PMO Institute implements the Thinking Portfolio software application. This gives Vlaardingen an application which is set up and operational within a short period of time. Vlaardingen and PMO Institute work out the requirements in a number of workshops, whereby PMO Institute uses its knowledge and experience to design a suitable solution. Next, the configuration is set up and implemented after a short time. Subsequently, the basic configuration is expanded with new functions on certain points.

PMO Institute Contact Details

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Tel. 06 371 73 813

Tjalling Klaucke

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