Thinking Portfolio’s consultant provided a lot of solutions

Asset management expert Tuomas Murumäki is a project manager in the project and asset portfolio implementation project for Helen Electricity Network Ltd. Before the project’s actual start, Helen Electricity Network had carried out proof of concept projects with Thinking Portfolio. Tuomas joined in at the start of the actual implementation project.

“The project went well. Thinking Portfolio’s consultant was a smart fellow, who was easy to work with. We received a number of suggestions for solutions during the project. I have dealt with a lot of system providers, and they are definitely among the best.

Murumäki had a positive experience, although at times things could have moved along a bit more quickly. However, the project was completed on time, and the result was a functioning project and asset portfolio.

Thinking Portfolio contains all the necessary data; no additional documentation is needed

Helen Electricity Network is currently implementing the project portfolio, but so far, the user feedback has been cautiously optimistic. The tool is easy to use and helps eliminate extra work. The previously used spreadsheets were packed with data. The spreadsheets were also prone to errors. Now the company can wave goodbye to the old protocol; all data is reliably stored and readily available in one solution.

Helen was also able to stop using separate project documentation, which is produced automatically by the tool.

“We no longer have to print separate documents and copy bits and pieces of information from various locations; all necessary documents and reports are available in Thinking Portfolio, which uses data that has been entered into it before.”

More clarity on the future

Helen Electricity Network has started a new project with Thinking Portfolio implementing a scenario portfolio. The company is looking forward to implementing the tool and using it to forecast the value development of electricity network operations under various scenarios. The optimal project solutions can be determined by comparing various scenarios. This has been difficult to do with Excel, as the large amount of data has posed certain limitations.

Possible future development stages may include linking to the financial department and working time monitoring. Comparing budgeted and actual costs would be easier if all project reporting data is available in the same system. The same goes for comparing planned and actual working time. This helps plan resources in the future.


Tuomas Murumäki
Project Manager
Helen Sähköverkko Oy