The project management office staff faces security theft issues from the time a project is accepted till the time it is delivered and as it passes through various stages of development. Projects in every industry be it software, manufacturing, research and even construction can suffer if security breaches are recognized and information is stolen by rivals.

Depending upon the criticality of project, the team members have to be careful about varied security issues ranging from information theft to sabotage which can spell disaster for organization’s reputation. Companies can follow a proactive approach to security issues by installing firewalls and restricted entry into project area or a reactive approach by trying to secure a breach after information has been stolen.

Common security issues of PMO

  1. Identification of security flaws – In today’s connected world wherein information can be downloaded into USB or smartphones and transferred within seconds firms have to close all loopholes in their security process. Regular audit of projects under process can help identify if there are any flaws and plug them immediately.
  2. Monitoring work schedules – Information handling is a critical part of project and by ensuring that work is handed to actual person on schedule will keep it secure. Information is generated at every project level and has to flow through regular channels for security.
  3. Allowing only authorized personnel – Industrial espionage is a real threat in today’s cut-throat competitive business world and companies can keep their information secure by providing personnel with identification which cannot be duplicated.
  4. Usage of copyright information – In carrying out their work companies buy tools and information from patent owners at high cost which can be misused by personnel if these are not secured by project managers. Most organizations have a “need to know” policy during these situations and protect access to these kinds of sensitive tools through passwords.
  5. Slowdown in Project process – When two or more companies are working on competitive projects then they may try to slow down each other’s’ progress by unscrupulous means. This can be avoided if project management office allots realistic time bound tasks to all personnel so work gets done well before schedule.
  6. Security of personnel – When a company is working on defense projects which can affect the safety and sovereignty of the nation then it becomes more critical for PMO to also ensure safety of its personnel. If they are working on sensitive projects enemy forces may harm them to secure information about their projects so their security becomes the PMO’s responsibility.