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The IT Centre is an independent unit of the University of Helsinki, providing IT services for the university. The centre is in charge of IT administration and services. The IT Centre employs around 240 staff members performing various support and expert duties.

The IT Centre of the University of Helsinki implemented the Thinking Portfolio application portfolio in the fall of 2014. Currently, the portfolio contains over 185 administrative applications used by the university. With the continuing addition of applications used by various faculties, the number of applications in the portfolio will reach hundreds.


Users are pleased with the informative and easy to use portfolio

Veikko Mäkelä

Veikko Mäkelä

Veikko Mäkelä and Jussi Koskivaara, who took part in the Thinking Portfolio procurement and implementation stages, indicate that the implementation has been even smoother than expected. Users have provided positive feedback on the user-friendly and informative qualities of Thinking Portfolio. Users have been looking to expand the use of Thinking Portfolio following its implementation.

The main users of the applications are responsible for updating Thinking Portfolio with other than data security-related information. The easy to use application enables distributed updates, which saves time compared to having a small group of staff members performing updates.

“Openness in terms of information has been welcomed by users.

The portfolio enables us to check before each procurement whether our other user groups have existing applications for the need in order to avoid overlapping procurements.

Collecting the data content for the portfolio is a lot work, but the portfolio enables us to utilise the data even before all of the data has been entered into the portfolio.”

Mäkelä also emphasises the significance of the processes of producing and updating information during implementation. An application portfolio without updated protocols and development will not create additional value.

Jussi Koskivaara

Jussi Koskivaara

Integration to other applications and management by data are coming

The University of Helsinki aims to develop Thinking Portfolio following its implementation with annual development meetings in order to ensure that the application meets user requirements and to map any development needs.

In addition to mapping internal development needs, the meetings will also involve discussion on developments related to Thinking Portfolio regarding the supplier and their other clients. Among the most intriguing and prevalent topics on integration and enterprise architecture is management by application portfolio data.

“Among the positives is the fact that information architecture can also be added to the portfolio.

Future development will include developing connections to other data resources containing application data. This type of data should be stored in other systems as well, such as the ITSM system, which will be implemented later on, or other architecture repositories. Database and server data are maintained in dedicated systems.

We are interested in learning more about best practice experiences regarding the implementation of these types of connections, as well as discussing the experiences of other Thinking Portfolio clients.

Management by data and the utilisation of the portfolio data will be among key areas of future emphasis.”

Thumbs up for Thinking Portfolio

The University of Helsinki has found that Thinking Portfolio provides excellent client support. Jussi Koskivaara would not hesitate recommending Thinking Portfolio as both a supplier and as an application.

“Thumbs up to the supplier.

I would endorse Thinking Portfolio for any potential clients. We have had a positive experience.”


Contact information:

Jussi Koskivaara
Development Manager
IT Technology Center / IT
University of Helsinki

Veikko Mäkelä
IT Project Manager
IT Technology Center / Project Management
University of Helsinki