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Top 6 Benefits Of Kanban Board 

While Kanban today is a complicated system of elaborate protocols and operational standards, back in the days in Japan, it had humble origins of sticking cards containing information on various part trays, trolleys, and inventory assets. The cards represent the demand or the lack of it based on which processes and inventory will be managed downstream. Kanban boards are the philosophy of Kanban boiled down to management structures and dashboards. It is simply a board that is used to establish proper Kanban practices at work. 

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How to Measure Impact Investment

Impact investing is a special type of capital investment where the investor is not only interested in earning revenue but also bring about a social or environmental change in a perceivable manner. Impact investing can be done in all kinds of markets, be it developed or emerging. Impact investment helps [...]

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What could Project Managers learn from Traffic Jams

Traffic is a real-time dynamic system that is constantly changing. Every tiny change in traffic has repercussions down the line. The field of RTM or road traffic management has come about to manage such systems and prevent traffic jams and random congestion. These systems use data analytics to predict and manage traffic.

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What makes Kanban Board different from Backlog

Following any kind of agile tactic requires the entire team to come together and work as one unit. Whether you utilize Kanban or scrum boards or Kanban backlogs, or a combination of the two such as Kanplan, without a top-down integration with the program, building an agile team is impossible.

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