There’s absolutely no doubt that Airbnb is growing exponentially in recent times. There were a total of over 150 million users on Airbnb as of April 2019, and since its launch, the company hosted 500 million guests (Source).

Much of its success can be attributed to its flawless project management. Here’s what project managers should learn from Airbnb’s strategy:

1. Create a unique selling proposition

Airbnb hosts thousands of management companies to manage their properties. The reason why most Airbnb management organizations are successful is that they have a Unique Selling Proposition that distinguishes them from other businesses. Some techniques used by the best Airbnb management firms are:

  • Detailed reporting, coupled with valuable suggestions on how hosts of Airbnb can improve the ROI of their businesses.
  • Availability of local vendors in a wide range of sectors, including cleaning and accounting services.

Most successful enterprises know that they have to put the growth of their clients first as the primary focal point for the management company.

2. Build trust

Project managers should know that thriving Airbnb management companies create and build trust with their clients. The trust factor comes from the way they manage their client’s businesses with utmost concern.

Airbnb management companies do several things to establish a rapport with their customers. They must put various processes and systems in place to tackle any unexpected situations.

Moreover, they must be available as and when Airbnb host clients need them. These management companies are easy to communicate and work with and offer 24×7 services to both Airbnb hosts and Airbnb guests.

3. Embracing automation

One secret that project managers should learn from Airbnb is how they made automation a part of their daily routine. Vacation rental software is an essential tool that Airbnb management companies use. This kind of software has helped most Airbnb management businesses to spearhead plenty of Airbnb listings at a time.

By sending automated messages and creating automated reviews, Airbnb management companies are able to provide superior customer service. Owing to this strategy, Airbnb guests get instant updates and responses to all their queries. Also, the software leaves feedback from guests at the end of each stay. This, in turn, encourages them to post a review.

The above are just a few aspects that have made Airbnb such a fruitful venture over the years. Project managers can definitely incorporate these mantras and take their business a notch higher.