Positive Project Portfolio Management

Today's ever-changing business environment often presents numerous challenges, while positive signs are few and far between. The project portfolio and its projects are part of this business environment. External and internal changes and improvements are driven to completion according to plans, which can at times take an emotional toll on the employees. By adopting a positive, enthusiastic approach in how we handle the status quo, business environment and active projects can offer a completely different [...]

Project Portfolio – Are you looking at the competition through the windshield or the rear view mirror?

Project portfolio management can provide quite concrete opportunities for companies. And not just in terms of strategy. Project portfolio management impacts the entire organisation and its ability to top quality service to its clients. This involves particularly the development of the organisational architecture from a business standpoint. You must develop services that save the client's time. You must provide services that are easy to utilise and beneficial to the client. Achieving this status requires significant [...]

Idea Screening for Project Portfolio Management

Ideation is an essential process to help your organization progress. Known as the act of developing new concepts and ideas, any employee in your organization can submit their products to the company. You can receive input from partners, customers, marketing executives, sales professionals, as well as IT experts and catalogue these ideas into a single database. What makes ideation a profitable step is the screening and approval process that can help your business perform more [...]

Things a Project Manager Can Learn from an Artist

You would think that artists and project managers are at the two ends of the spectrum and do not have much in common, let alone picking up interesting tricks and tips from each other. It's understandable if you think that way as the basic premise of operation of project managers and artists are very different, which may have prompted the notion. While project managers are all about driving results, artists are about the work that [...]

Six Ways to Re-engineer Your Project Management Office

The beginning of a project management office is driven by the desire to standardize as well as improve the success rate of IT projects and businesses, which continue to expand in size and complexity. Another project management office driver is the requirement to relieve the project managers of administrative duties that are associated with the successful management of projects. Functions of project office could either be staffed or virtual. A number of forward-thinking companies are [...]

Simple is better

When tablet computers and smartphones entered our lives we realized that you don’t need to take a course or consult a manual to use software. Even toddlers can understand the interface and logic of an iPad. Why should we settle with less with our business applications? […]